‘He Sounds Very Entitled’: Rachel Campos-Duffy Says She Gets ‘A Lot of Hillary Vibes’ When She ‘Listens To Terry McAuliffe’

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy said Monday that Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe reminded her of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Funny you bring up Hillary. I get a lot of Hillary vibes when I listen to Terry McAuliffe,” Campos-Duffy said on “Fox News Primetime” while speaking with former Donald Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway. “He sounds very entitled, very annoyed that he’s getting asked all these questions. Is that part of it? I mean that’s part of why is he’s dropping in the polls.”


“Voters have a funny way of not supporting people who they think don’t like them,” Conway noted, “and there is a little bit of dripping with sarcasm and almost retribution out of Terry McAuliffe recently … But now he does almost sound likes he wants to call Virginians deplorable and irredeemable.”

“One thing that hasn’t been covered enough is Terry McAuliffe really represents [Democratic Gov.] Ralph Northam’s party: the governor that he is succeeding. You don’t hear much about him. But there is a bit of a Ralph Northam hangover,” Conway said. (RELATED: Newt Gingrich: ‘Youngkin Will Win Virginia Election Because ‘He Is Talking About Real Life’ While McAuliffe ‘Is Lost In A World Of Fantasy’)

“As well as he’s really the last vestiges of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was Bill’s best friend, Hillary Clinton’s finance director. So he represents the past. Youngkin really represents the future,” she insisted, claiming that McAuliffe is “very pessimistic every time he is out in the trail,” as he attacks parents for questioning school boards.

“I think Youngkin has been very optimistic. It’s a message of hope and the future,” Conway said.

Conway said that the electorate is sick of negative politicians because there’s already “so much conflict … They don’t need … career politicians like Terry McAuliffe making them that much more frightful of the future.”

The former presidential counselor said Youngkin has been running positive ads that depict himself as a political outsider and a “job creator.” She said the Democrats “never took him seriously” because they simply believed Virginia was a decided blue state.

“Virginia doesn’t want to be identified as a blue state or a liberal state or a Democratic state” Conway said, and predicted that Independent voters will overwhelmingly support Youngkin. (RELATED: ‘If He Loses It Will Be Seen As A Political Earthquake’: Brit Hume Says Democrat Terry McAuliffe Is ‘A Candidate Running Scared’)

“You believe tomorrow Glenn Youngkin will win?” Campos-Duffy asked. “Yes or no.”

“Yes,” Conway responded.  “I think he has great momentum. Yes. And a tremendous campaign.”

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin greets supporters in Virginia Beach on Oct. 25. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin greets supporters in Virginia Beach on Oct. 25. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

McAuliffe had an early lead over Youngkin by as much as nine points in polls. However, after several gaffes and unpopular comments that included McAuliffe’s belief that parents should not “be telling schools what they should teach,” his numbers began to drop.

Despite the former governor’s denial that critical race theory is taught in Virginia schools, the state education department promotes a book on the subject.

McAuliffe also offered no explanation for skipping two campaign events Thursday and Friday in northern Virginia.