‘If She Is Woman Enough’: New VA Lt. Gov Challenges Joy Reid To Interview Her On MSNBC

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears laid down a challenge Wednesday for MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Sears objected to Reid’s claims that white supremacy had played a role in deciding the statewide elections in Virginia – which also saw Republican Glenn Youngkin beat out veteran Democrat Terry McAuliffe for the governorship – telling Fox News host Martha MacCallum that she’d like to address the question face to face with Reid. (RELATED: Newly Elected Va. Lt. Gov. Winsome: ‘There Are Some Who Want To Divide Us, And We Must Not Let That Happen’)


“Last night you said I am black, if you have not noticed and then you said but it’s not about that,” MacCallum began, noting that Sears was the first black woman to be the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. “What did you mean by that?”

“Because we are framing too many issues in terms of race. It continues to divide us. Politicians are using it as a tool because of the things that happened to us historically to advance, I would think, their nefarious purposes,” Sears replied, arguing that it was past time to stop looking at race and start looking at people.

“I am destroying all of the narratives about race. Look at me! Look at me! I am a heartbeat away from the governorship in case anything happens to the governor. How are you going to tell me I am a victim,” Sears continued, sharing some of her own personal story and adding, “You are looking at the American dream! So we can do better.”

MacCallum then pivoted to Reid’s comments, sharing a short clip of the MSNBC host’s reaction to election returns.

“You have to be willing to vocalize that these Republicans are dangerous. That this is not a party that is just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. They are dangerous to our national security,” Reid said, arguing that Republicans were “stoking white nationalism.”

“Your reaction?” MacCallum turned back to Sears.

“I wish Joy Reid would invite me on her show. Let’s see if she is woman enough to do that. I would go in a heartbeat and we will have a real discussion without Joy speaking about me behind my back,” Sears challenged. “I mean, come on, Joy, get your facts straight and then come talk to me.”