Police Reportedly Arrest Fellow Sergeant With 27 Years On The Job For Robbing Local Store


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A California police sergeant who spent 27 years on the force was arrested and charged with a violent felony after he allegedly robbed a local Rite Aid, according to KTVU.

San Francisco Sergeant David Cole was charged with second-degree robbery on Nov. 9 and is set to be arraigned Thursday, according to the report. Cole was busted on Nov. 3 after he allegedly robbed a Rite Aid in San Mateo around 6:00 p.m., while armed with a revolver. Sources told the outlet Cole handed an employee a note alerting them that he was carrying a weapon and needed prescription pain killers.

KTVU reports Cole never actually pulled his weapon out. Cole reportedly resisted arrest and has been charged with a misdemeanor, as well, over the arrest. (RELATED: Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Having Sex, Exchanging Pictures With Underage Girl)

Tony Brass, Cole’s attorney, called the situation a “sad story, all around,” according to KTVU.

“Certainly there’s reason for compassion, but I don’t want to pretend that the behavior isn’t serious,” Brass reportedly said. “He had a secret addiction” since 2010 after he was bit by a police dog, Brass explained. “He managed to be a high functioning addict.”

Despite Cole’s own reported drug addiction, he spent years trying to help individuals struggling with drug addiction, video from two years ago shows.