61 People Stranded At Bar In England For Days After Massive Snowstorm

[Twitter Screenshot Thomas Beresford]

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Heavy snowfall in a high-altitude location in England has left about 61 people stranded at a bar since Friday night and the beer is still flowing.

Roughly 61 people are stuck at the Tan Hill Inn as of early Monday following a Friday concert by an Oasis tribute band, according to the BBC. The pub is located in North Yorkshire, about 200 miles northwest of London.

Video footage captured Sunday showed several cars blocked in by large mounds of snow. One Twitter user noted that only “a few have escaped.”

Another picture posted to Twitter appears to show the door blocked by several feet of snow. (RELATED: Man Snowed Into His Car For 10 Hours Without Heat Allegedly Due To Negligent Snow Plow)

Customers were left stranded because nearby roads were deemed unsafe from downed power lines, the BBC reported. Customers who spent the night woke up Saturday to find roughly three feet of snow outside. Manager Nicola Townsend told the outlet roughly 40 people had been pre-booked to stay at the pub while the rest cozied up in the pub’s lounge.

“It’s just been a lovely (sic) and everyone is in really good spirits,” Townsend said, according to BBC. “One lady actually said, ‘I don’t want to leave.'”

Another guest told BBC things were “very good” and that there is “plenty of beer available.”

One guest was evacuated by a local rescue group for a medical condition, The New York Times reported.

Noasis, the tribute band, posted to Facebook Saturday night to say that it had to cancel their next gig in Essex because the members were “snowed in at the venue after last night’s gig at The Tan Hill Inn.”

The Tan Hill Inn dates back to the 17th Century and is considered the highest altitude pub in the British Isles.