Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Says He Flew Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump On Private Jets

Clinton, Epstein Maxwell. Photo courtesy of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

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Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime pilot, claimed he flew former Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, as well as Prince Andrew, on his boss’s private plane during Tuesday testimony.

Visoski was the first witness to testify at the Tuesday trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, whom he called “the Number 2” in the hierarchy of the alleged sex trafficker‘s world, The Associated Press reported.

“Former President Bill Clinton flew on some of the flights?” Maxwell’s defense attorney Christian Everdell asked the witness during cross-examination, according to The New York Post.

“Yes,” Visoski replied.

The aviator told Everdell that he also saw Trump on board the plane “more than once,” but could not recall if the former president was there with his family, the Post reported.

“I certainly remember President Trump,” he added. (RELATED: Trump All But Confirms Epstein Was Banned From Mar-A-Lago, Says It’s Proof He Has ‘Good Taste’)

The pilot claimed he “never” found a sex toy or a used condom while cleaning up the planes. Visoski also said he never witnessed underage girls on the planes who were unaccompanied by their parents, according to the AP.

Other famous people Visoski recalled seeing on board were former senators George Mitchell and John Glenn, actor Kevin Spacey, renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman and comedian Chris Tucker, according to The Post.