Girl Sold To 55-Year-Old Man In Afghanistan Returned To Her Family After International Outcry


Jack Kerley Contributor
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A 9-year-old child bride from Afghanistan has been returned to her family after she was witnessed being sold in November by CNN.

A U.S. based non-profit, Too Young To Wed (TYTW), helped free Parwana Malik from the marriage and returned her to her family, CNN reported Friday.

“I am really happy,” Malik said after being rescued. “The (charity) rid me from my husband and my husband is old,” CNN reported.

Malik is one of many young girls that have been sold to older Afghani men in order for their families to eat due to an ever worsening economic situation, CNN reported.

Her parents claimed that they have no choice, and that life has gotten harder since the Taliban took over in early August. They already had to sell another daughter, aged twelve, CNN reported. (RELATED: Father Reportedly Tries To Sell 4-Year-Old Daughter In Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover)

Malik’s father, Abdul Malik, told CNN that he was broken with guilt, shame and worry, the outlet reported.

“We are eight family members,” he told CNN. “I have to sell to keep other family members alive.”

Marriage under the age of 15 is illegal in Afghanistan according to the outlet, but it has become more common as families in the country become increasingly desperate following the Biden administration’s fumbled withdrawal of American forces in August, compounded by economic decline.

“This is a temporary solution,” Stephanie Sinclair, the founder of Too Young To Wed told CNN. “But really, what we’re trying to do is prevent girls being sold into marriage.”

The 55 year-old man who bought Malik, Qorban, told CNN that this would be his second marriage and stated that she would be treated well. (RELATED: Footage Shows 9-Year-Old Being Sold To 55-Year-Old Man In Afghanistan)

“She said that they beat her, and she didn’t want to stay there,” Malik’s mother, Reza Gul, told CNN.

“They treated me badly, they were cursing me, they were waking me up early and making me work,” Malik added.

Sinclair and Too Young To Wed have relocated Malik and her family to a TYTW safehouse, however, the long term solution for the Malik family is unclear, CNN reported.

“I feel happy and safe here,” said Reza Gul. “My children are eating well since we came, they are playing, and we are feeling happy.”