German Court Convicts 67-Year-Old Electrician For Castrating Eight Men On His Kitchen Table

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Chris Bertman Contributor
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A court in Munich, Germany, convicted a 67-year-old electrician Tuesday. It sentenced him to eight and a half years in prison for removing the testicles of several men at their request, killing one.

The unnamed defendant was convicted of aggravated, dangerous and simple assault for removing the testicles of several men at their request on his kitchen table, which caused one man’s death, according to The Associated Press.

Prosecutors later dropped an initial charge of murder by omission. (RELATED: Man Sentenced For Castrating Volunteer, Allegedly Pledging To Eat Testicles In Secluded Cabin)

Between July 2018 and March 2020, the defendant said he had castrated or partially amputated the genitals of eight men at his home in the town of Markt Schwaben. The defendant denied responsibility for the single death, as one of the men died several days after the defendant performed the procedure on him.

Three weeks after the man’s death police discovered his dead body in a box.

The “castrations” were reportedly posted on sadomasochistic websites by the defendant who claimed several men paid him money for torturing them and removing their testicles.

The judge stated that the defendant’s overestimation of his medical abilities and qualifications was “beyond measure” and that the victims’ consent to the procedure was therefore legally invalid, the German publication DW reported.