‘That Is Some Weird S**t’: Pilot Captures Footage Of ‘UFO Fleet’

Alec Sears Chief UFO Correspondent
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A new video purportedly shows a small fleet of a dozen or more crafts flying in formation over the Pacific Ocean.

The video was reportedly filmed by the pilot of the plane, and the distant lights flicker, disappear, reappear and eventually fade above a cloud formation in the South China Sea.

Filmed on Nov. 24, the video generated traction online. A brief discussion between the pilot and co-pilot can be heard, with both agreeing the formation is something physical and airborne.

“I don’t know what that is,” one man can be heard saying. “That is some weird shit,” the other said. (RELATED: Pentagon Confirms Authenticity Of UFO Footage That Shows Flying Object Defying The Laws Of Physics)

Speculation ran amok online as debunkers rushed to disprove the video clip and ufologists circulated it to their peers. (RELATED: Six Things To Take Away From The Pentagon’s UFO Report)

The Department of Defense announced the creation of a new division to investigate UFOs on Nov. 24.