Man Who Claimed Self-Defense When He Shot And Killed Police Officer Found Not Guilty

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Chris Bertman Contributor
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A man charged with murdering a Midland Police Department officer in 2019 was acquitted in a Texas court Wednesday.

MPD was notified of a potential burglary at David Wilson’s residence after his home alarm system was triggered on the night of March 5, 2019, the New York Post reported.

Upon arrival, officer Nathan Heidelberg and trainer Victoria Allee announced that they were Midland police and asked Wilson to “come to the sound of my voice,” according to CBS 7. The alarm system was allegedly a “pull over door alarm,” and the officers found Wilson’s front door unsecured when they arrived.

Allee’s bodycam footage allegedly showed Heidelberg announcing his presence and entering the front door to inspect the alarm when he was shot at by Wilson, who was hiding in a closet, according to the Post. (RELATED: ‘If That’s Not Self Defense, Nothing Is!’: Trump Congratulates Rittenhouse Following Acquittal)

Wilson and his defense team argued the shooting was self-defense because Wilson mistook officer Heidelberg for a burglar.

A Texas Ranger and a police trainee who were on the scene testified that it was possible that Wilson didn’t hear Heidelberg announce himself as a police officer, the Post reported. Wilson faced life in prison if convicted. The jury deliberated for an hour and a half before announcing they had found Wilson not guilty.