Tucker: ‘This Is The End Of The Democratic Party’


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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that the unprecedently low polling numbers of the Democratic party indicates it’s “collapse.”

“If these new polling numbers are right, even if they’re just sort of right, this is the end of the Democratic Party as a governing majority,” Carlson said of the results of a poll released Monday that showed President Joe Biden’s approval rating among independent voters to be only 29%.

The NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll put Biden’s approval rating at 41%, with those disapproving of his job making up 55% of the 1,400 surveyed voters. The results marked the president’s lowest approval rating since taking office when compared to earlier polls conducted by Marist.

The host of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” likened the Democratic party to financial markets, noting that both appear “strongest right before they collapse.”

“The Democratic Party is still in power, and that’s a very bad combination for the rest of us. Regimes in decline tend to become dangerous. As they weaken, they get increasingly desperate and ruthless,” Carlson said.  (RELATED: Biden Warns That Unvaccinated Will Experience ‘A Winter Of Severe Illness And Death’)

“They’ve been rejected by voters. Democracy doesn’t work for them anymore. That means they can no longer operate within democratic boundaries,” he added. “So, inevitably they swerve outside those boundaries … They invent domestic enemies and national panics to keep themselves in charge. And that’s what we are watching happen right now.”