North Korea Takes Credit For Inventing Burritos

(Photo by Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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North Korea’s government wants people to believe the burrito was invented by the brutal dictatorship.

According to The Sun, North Korean propaganda is claiming Kim Jong-un’s father Kim Jong-il invented the popular food item back in 2011, which was shortly before he died. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yes, folks, North Korea wants its citizens to believe the first burrito to ever get made was just a decade ago and came at the hands of the nation’s second leader.

Furthermore, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper has reported that Kim Jong-un is pushing the popularity of burritos and North Korean TV shows citizens hammering them, according to the same report from The Sun.

Part of the state TV broadcast reportedly shows a mural of Kim Jong-il smiling in a kitchen as burritos are being prepared.

Say whatever you want about North Korea, but they know how to move the needle from a content perspective. The nation has made up so many unbelievable lies that you just have to laugh.

As of December 2021, the hermit kingdom was trying to convince people coronavirus didn’t exist there! Let’s also not forget the time Kim Jong-il wanted people to believe he hit 11 holes-in-one.

Now, the communist dictatorship wants people to believe that burritos, a popular food that has been around for ages, was invented by the deceased dictator in 2011!

If you can’t see the humor in that, then I just don’t know what to tell you because it’s awesome. You also 100% know people in North Korea are buying this nonsense. They probably have no idea that people in North America have been hammering burritos for generations.

In their minds, it all started in 2011!

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