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Scott Hughes, President of OnlineBookClub, Announces Completion of His Fifth Book’s Highly Anticipated First Draft

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Bestselling author and CEO Scott Hughes has announced the completion of his fifth book’s highly anticipated first draft after successfully funding the book through Kickstarter.

Mr Hughes, the founder of OnlineBookClub, revealed the manuscript of his first draft titled ‘#InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ to a select pool of backers who have supported the book from its conception.

Finding both motivation and financial support from some of the nearly three million literary-lovers who use OnlineBookClub.org, Mr Hughes was able to bring his fifth book to life whilst managing his busy schedule as a CEO of OnlineBookClub.

The 35-year-old writer’s fifth book is a timely work on the human condition in which he shares his fundamental philosophy for life and his own experiences with struggle, tough times, mental battles, and mindfulness.

It is a warm-hearted manifesto for unity, which offers a ‘helping hand’ to uplift those going through solitary struggles by giving them the tools they’ll need to heal and ultimately fight their ‘demons, both external and internal’.

Speaking about the completion of #InItTogether’s first draft, Mr Hughes said: “My dream is for people to be free, be heard, and feel loved.

“#InItTogether is a book about realizing the uplifting power of love. It’s the most inspiring and motivating thing I’ve ever written.”

After founding OnlineBookClub.org aged only 19 in 2006 Mr Hughes, who lives with his two  children, Tristen and Amaya, in Manchester, Connecticut, has attracted a large personal following – gaining over 176.3k followers on his social media channels.

His latest book ‘#InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ received 133 backers on Kickstarter, who pledged $2,295 to support him through the writing process in turn for receiving updates as his book progressed.

In a public letter detailing the book’s premise, Mr Hughes revealed that despite finding success following decades of hard work and many personal and professional stuggles, he feels as if sometimes his mind is “still in that hole” and that his struggle is not over.

He told readers: “Truly, reach out to me. Tell me what your struggle is. I’ll do my best to help. I’m not magical, but I want to help.

“Even if I could, I don’t want to claw my way out of a hole to be alone on the surface.

“I don’t want to be up there only with people who don’t know what it’s like to need and to deserve a helping hand. I don’t want to be up there only with cold hands.”

Expectations are high for Mr Hughes’ latest book, which does not yet have a set release date, following a number of previous successes from the author.

His third book Achieve Your Dreams became an instant bestseller, with 4,000 Kindle downloads in the first week.

Additionally, his ‘10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book: Online Book Marketing on Any Budget’ has become a must-read for every author hoping to be more business-minded.

Mr Hughes, an expert in e-book marketing, has worked with over 10,000 independent authors to help them find self-belief whilst getting their work the attention it deserves – and there is no doubt that this author practices what he preaches in every aspect of his life.

Readers can follow the progress of ‘#InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’ on Kickstarter here, where Mr Hughes regularly posts updates on his writing process.

Scott Hughes tweets from @scottmhughes, or can be found on Instagram at @scott_hughes.