Women Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Into Man’s House, Throwing Glitter At Him

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Two Florida women were arrested on Monday for breaking into a man’s apartment and assaulting him with containers of glitter, according to Fox13.

The assailants, 29-year-old Sarah Franks, and 27-year-old Kaitlin O’Donovan, allegedly arrived at the victim’s apartment a little before 3 a.m. and began arguing with him as he stood on the patio of his ground-level apartment, Fox13 reported. Franks proceeded to throw a container of glitter at the man, which hit him in the head and torso, according to NBC News.

There are no reports that indicate what sparked the arguments among the three individuals, or if the two women had a prior relationship with the man they assaulted.

Franks jumped on to the man’s patio, and entered the apartment where she proceeded to throw glitter at him, according to Fox 13. She allegedly unlocked the front door for O’Donovan, who had reportedly walked around the building to the front door, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Pulled Gun On Starbucks Employee Over Cream Cheese)

The two women continued to hurl containers of glitter at the victim, according to Fox13.

Before they left the apartment building, Franks kicked in another apartment’s window, according to NBC News.

Clearwater police were able to locate the vehicle the women were driving with some of the glitter still inside the car, Fox 13 reported. Shortly after, they spotted Franks, still in the same clothes she wore during the attack, walking around the area, reported the outlet.

Franks was not suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but there are suspicions that O’Donovan may have been intoxicated during the assault and robbery, The New York Times reported.

Both women were taken into custody, and refused to speak with authorities, according to NBC News. O’Donovan has been charged with felony burglary with assault or battery. Franks faces the same charge, along with criminal mischief, for breaking an apartment window. (RELATED: Man Picks Two Wrong Cars In Alleged Hijack Attempt And Finds Himself Looking Down Two Barrels)

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office records show that this was not Franks first encounter with the police. She was arrested at 24 for driving under the influence.

Both women were released on bond on Tuesday.