REPORT: Male Counselors Sleep In Cabin With Little Girls At California Camp

Xavier Leoty/AFP via Getty Images

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A California camp has been accused of allowing male camp counselors who go by they/them pronouns to sleep in the cabins of young girls, according to a report from Fox 8 KTLA. 

Parents at Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos, California, claim biologically male camp counselors at Camp Pali slept in the same cabin as their fifth-grade daughters for three nights while the girls attended a science camp, the report stated.

When asked by parents about the sleeping arrangements at Camp Pali, parents said the children’s school was unable to confirm the girl’s sleeping arrangements, but Emmi Teige, an assistant director of the camp, told Fox 8 that counselors are placed “in cabins they identify with,” and she noted that this policy was in accordance with California law.

In a television interview in front of the elementary school, the parents claimed that they should have been made aware of the camp’s policy by the school district beforehand so they could have made an informed decision. One parent stated, “I would’ve kept my child home.”

While the parents are not claiming that any crime was committed, the district launched an investigation and has responded to the parent’s complaints by telling KTLA  that all complaints and concerns will be taken seriously.

A public school teacher in Massachusetts has been accused of teaching students that gender is fluid, ‘gendered terms’ marginalize people, and that 2% of the population is intersex.

A court in Los Angeles recently ordered a 26-year-old biologically male rapist who identified as a female into a juvenile women’s detention center after he pled guilty to molesting a 10-year-old girl when he was two weeks shy of 18. (RELATED: Expert Says Pedophiles Can ‘Do Better’)

Incidents like these have gained national media attention and have become hot-button political issues, especially amongst conservatives. An alleged rape by a transgender student at a Virginia high school was a focal point in the race for Virginia governorship late last year.