Douglas Murray Says ‘It’s Just Astonishing’ That Biden Sent Kamala Harris To Conference To Handle Russia

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Author Douglas Murray said Wednesday on “Fox and Friends” that “it’s just astonishing” President Joe Biden’s administration sent Vice President Kamala Harris to the Munich Security Conference to handle tensions with Russia.

“It’s just astonishing. I mean, the moment the Biden administration said ‘Yes, we’re sending Kamala Harris to sort this out,’ you just sort of — where to start,” Murray began. “She arrived at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday. Do you know what she said to her European counterparts? She said, ‘We’re looking here at the real possibility of war in Europe. Just think about that for a moment, guys. This is serious, this is a possibility of war in Europe and we should stop and think about that.’ Wow, how could we do without you?”

Harris made the remarks to reporters Sunday before her trip back to Washington, D.C., MarketWatch reported.

“It’s not even an insight, it’s not even a banality. I don’t know whether she was trying to bore her European counterparts or send these sort of boring verbal missiles to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin until he gave in,” Murray continued. “It doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t do anything. It’s just another banality. It does nothing to stop Vladimir Putin.”


“The War on the West” author said the possibility of Putin potentially invading the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv or taking over the entire country is “incredibly serious,” to which he insisted the Biden administration has not “shown that they recognize the seriousness” of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. (RELATED: Kayleigh McEnany Says She’s ‘Less Than Hopeful’ That Kamala Harris Can Can Prevent A War With Russia) 

The president sent Harris to join the three-day conference, which started Feb. 18, alongside over 100 ministers and 30 heads of state to address growing concerns of Russia invading Ukraine, Deutsche Welle previously reported. Russian government representatives declined the invitation to attend.

Harris warned Friday that the U.S. will place “severe consequences” on Russia in the event that the nation continues to take “aggressive action” toward Ukraine. Biden announced Tuesday the “first tranche of sanctions” against Russia, which included “comprehensive sanctions” on Russian debt and “full blocking” on two Russian banks, after Putin deployed troops into two separatist-controlled Ukrainian territories.

The vice president received criticism in 2021 during her trips to Mexico and Guatemala to address “root causes” of the migrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border and her trip to France to settle conflict between the U.S. and France. CNN reported at the time that White House officials were “perplexed” by the vice president’s performance in Central America.