‘They Don’t Give A F*ck’: Joe Rogan Says Media Doesn’t Care What’s Important, Just Trying ‘To Stay Alive’

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: The Joe Rogan Experience)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joe Rogan slammed corporate media’s constant coverage of him, stating “they don’t give a fuck” what’s important, it’s all about “ratings” and that they’re “trying to stay alive.”

“Well the most important thing in the world in media is ratings,” Rogan explained during “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Thursday with guest, columnist Ben Burgis. Burgis had asked why there were weeks of Rogan in the headlines. It starts at the 2:19 minute mark. (RELATED: Social Media Users Call For Fauci To Debate Vaccine Skeptic Following Interview On ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’)

“And unfortunately outrage is what sells and if you can be upset at something,” he added. “And so there’s like a perfect storm with me.”


The podcast host then listed examples of setting off a backlash from the media including “questioning the COVID narrative” and then having on “doctors who questioned” it. Rogan said when he contracted COVID-19 and “recovered very quickly” but took the “wrong medications” in the media’s eyes, that got people worked up.

And finally, Rogan mentioned every “clip that” he’s ever produced being “taken out of context,” noting the viral resurfaced video of him using the N-word on past podcasts. (RELATED:’You Can’t Just Cancel The Show’: ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Defend Joe Rogan)

“It’s not really that that they think it’s important,” the podcast host explained. “It’s they [corporate media] don’t give a fuck what’s important. They are just trying to stay alive and trying to get as many views as possible.”

“And they are trying to escape what is this undeniable demise of modern mainstream news,” Rogan continued.