‘Are You Guys Out Of Your F**king Mind?’: Joe Rogan Says Biden ‘Can’t Talk Right’ Anymore

(Photo credit: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: The Joe Rogan Experience)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joe Rogan said he didn’t vote for Joe Biden in 2020 and that the former vice president is “basically a shell” cognitively and “can’t talk right anymore.”

During “The Joe Rogan Experiencepodcast Monday, the host and his guest Coleman Hughes were discussing whether it’s better for a president to have political experience or not as he revealed he didn’t “vote for either” Donald Trump or Biden. The comments start at the 99:56 minute mark. (RELATED: Social Media Users Call For Fauci To Debate Vaccine Skeptic Following Interview On ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’)

“He’s [Biden] not a good example, because he’s basically a shell, you know, cognitively,” Rogan shared. “And the fact that that took a long time for people to admit. That was one of the things that people were saying that I was a Trump supporter during the election because I said I would vote for Trump before I would vote for Biden.”

“But I didn’t vote for either,” he added. “The reason why I said that was like, ‘You don’t see this? Are you guys out of your fucking mind? You guys don’t see that this guy can’t, he can’t talk right anymore?’ Go watch videos of him from twenty years ago. He was a dummy, he said a lot of silly shit, he lied about a bunch of things, but at least he was articulate.” (RELATED: ‘You Can’t Just Cancel The Show’: ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Defend Joe Rogan)


Rogan then brought up when former President Barack Obama reportedly said during the 2020 election he hoped “Joe doesn’t fuck this up,” but the host said that’s what “he [Biden] did.”

Obama’s comments were originally attributed to a Democrat who recalled the former president saying, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” Politico reported at the time.

“He [Biden] would lie about his experience, he would lie about his background and education, he would lie about his record,” the podcast host shared, as his guest added what he said was the president’s list of lies during his career.

“I think there’s people who don’t value truth, they don’t value honesty, I think they just want to win,” Rogan added. “The Biden thing … I think he just always wanted people to think highly of himself.”

In November, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 50% of respondents disagreed with the statement “Joe Biden is in good health.”

Voters appeared split on the idea about the president’s mental health, with 46% saying Biden is mentally fit, versus 48% who disagreed. Those numbers have changed from the poll taken a year prior, where respondents believed Biden was mentally fit by a 21-point margin.