‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A contestant on Wheel of Fortune has gone viral for getting a seemingly obvious question wrong not once, not twice, but three times during an episode aired Tuesday.

Laura Machado took eight turns and 10 attempts to solve a five-word puzzle, according to The Wrap. The correct answer for the puzzle was “Another Feather In Your Cap,” which Machado first answered as “Another Feather In Your Hat.”

The round then passed to contestant Christopher Coleman, who incorrectly guessed the letter “G.” Contestant Thomas Lipscomb then hit Bankrupt on his turn, so it was then the enthusiastic Machado’s turn again.

Machado tried “Another Feather In Your Lap,” which also failed. She finally attempted, “Another Feather In Your Map,” reported Uproxx. (RELATED: ABC Reportedly Adds Disclaimer Before ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Episode With Bachelor Host As He Deals With Accusations Of Racism)

In just two and a half minutes, contestants failed to completely solve the puzzle three times, and separately gave two wrong letters, had two bankrupts and lost a turn. It’s the first time that has happened in the show’s history, according to radio station WMMR.

Lipscomb finally solved the puzzle after the letters ‘P’ and ‘C’ were added to the board, according to The Wrap. Host Pat Sajak said, “Anyway, it’s fine. That round is over, but it was fun in a sort of perverse way.”