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Pentagon Investigator Claims Military Service Members Experienced Paranormal Activity After Visiting Haunted Ranch

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Retired Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence officer James Lacatski and contractor Colm Kelleher claimed that three military service members they worked with at Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch have experienced paranormal events since leaving the location.

Lacatski and Kelleher reached notoriety for their work with the USS Nimitz strike groups who leaked video evidence of “Tic-Tac” shaped object flying over the Pacific in 2017, according to, though their work on a UFO program started well before then. The Pentagon later officially released the footage, confirming the videos of the Nimitz UFOs were real.

One of the men who worked with Lacatski and Kelleher on the Nimitz investigations was a sailor described as a “senior engineer in naval intelligence,” in the article. In 2009, Lacatski and Kelleher sent the sailor and two Marines to Skinwalker Ranch, a location with an ancient reputation for “strange happenings,” that the Native American Ute and Navajo people believe are linked to “malevolent witches called Skinwalkers,” according to

The three servicemen worked at the ranch while it was owned by Robert Bigelow, who privately funded research on UFOs and paranormal activity, according to the outlet. Details of their experiences at the ranch have been concealed by the Defense Department, but since leaving, they and their families have all experienced paranormal activity, reported.

The men returned from Skinwalker to their homes in and around Washington D.C, where they’ve seen orbs, dark figures in their bedrooms at night, and strange noises. The sailor’s wife and two adolescent children also claimed to have seen a werewolf, or “wolf-like creature” walking on its hind legs, staring at them through the windows of their Virginia home twice, according to BroBible.

“People say, ‘Well, we’re only going to look at the nuts-and-bolts machines.’ Well, you better come up with a lot of physics. It’s far more advanced than we’re capable of now,” Lacatski told, “And then there’s others who say, ‘Well, they’re nothing more than ghosts. Part of the paranormal world.’ No. They’re a hybrid of both.”

Consistently growing reports of paranormal activity, including those at Skinwalker Ranch and related to the USS Nimitz, led to the passage of the “most significant” UFO legislation as part of the December 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation includes the “establishment of office, organizational structure, and authorities to address unidentified aerial phenomena.” (RELATED: Harry Reid On UFOs: ‘The American People Deserve To Know More’)

According to, though the Act is focused on defense from threats like Russia and China, “the strange object glimpsed by troops and military equipment are part of a mysterious phenomenon that stretches back decades or, perhaps, throughout human history.”