Deputies Shoot Hospital Patient Who Attempted To Stab Them With Scissors, Sheriff Says

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Kevin Harness Contributor
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Florida deputies shot a hospital patient who reportedly attempted to them with a pair of scissors Saturday.

Sheriff Eric Flowers said that multiple deputies were present in the hallway of the emergency room at Clinic Cleveland Indian River Hospital when a 29-year-old man got up from his hospital bed, grabbed a large pair of scissors, and proceeded to run down the hall, Fox 29 reported. (RELATED: Hospital Patient In Wales Reportedly Lights Room On Fire By Smoking With Oxygen Mask)

The four deputies who were in the hallway proceeded to chase after the man, who then raised the scissors over his head, according to Fox 29.

“As they close in on him, he turns, raises the scissors up above his head,” Sheriff Flowers said, according to the outlet. “At that point, our deputies begin to retreat back. Again, a small narrow hallway, gurneys, all kinds of stuff in there. They draw their weapons and two of the deputies fire, shooting and killing this man.”

The man was one of multiple people who have threatened to harm themselves or others and were being held in the hospital due to the lack of beds at the county’s local mental health facility. The man’s family brought him to the hospital on Friday after he reportedly attempted to hang himself, according to the Miami Herald.

“It’s a terrible tragedy, not just in our county, but in our country. We’re facing a mental health crisis,” Sheriff Flowers said, according to Fox 29.

Sheriff Flowers added by saying that he admired his deputies for their training and quick thinking during the incident. He also offered his condolences to the family of the man, according to the outlet.