Oreo Cookie Joins Woke Corporations Pushing LGBT Ideology


Samuel Nathan Contributor
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Oreo Cookie released a new ad Monday that celebrates a young man coming out as gay to his family.

Coming out doesn’t happen just once. It’s a journey that needs love and courage every step of the way. Share our new film and let someone know you’re their #LifelongAlly,” the introduction to the ad reads. (RELATED: ‘They Don’t Say A Word’: DeSantis Slams Disney’s Opposition To Florida Bill)

The ad is co-sponsored by PFLAG, an organization that encourages families to embrace their LGBT family members.

The ad features a young man sitting with his sister and parents at a kitchen table. His immediate family already knows he’s gay and is supportive of him, but he is nervous about coming out to his grandmother,  who is soon visiting.

The young man is reviewing a letter he seemingly wrote to prepare for this moment, but he stutters and is comforted by his mother. “I think you’re ready,” his mother says to him in anticipation of his grandmother visiting.

His sister then eats an oreo and runs away from the table as she is nervous about the imminent scene. 

The young man then finds a note to him from his mother that reads, “she might be my mother, but you are still my son.”

The front door opens and the boy smiles as he seemingly has the courage to reveal his true nature to his grandmother.

Some blue checkmarks are having fun with the ad on Twitter.

Disney recently took a shot at Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over the parental rights bill he signed into law, which forbids teachers from instructing school children about sex and gender ideology. Critics spin it as the “Don’t Say Gay” law, but the law does not mention the word “Gay.”