Bride, Caterer Charged For Allegedly Lacing Wedding Food With Marijuana

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Public-User: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando

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A bride and a caterer from Florida were charged after they allegedly laced food with marijuana at a wedding, FOX 35 Orlando reported Wednesday.

The bride, Danya Glenny and her caterer, Joycelyn Bryant, were charged with tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana, FOX 35 Orlando reported. Law enforcement responded Feb. 19 to the wedding at The Springs Clubhouse in Longwood, Florida, after a guest said he was “feeling weird,” according to the outlet. Other guests reportedly said they were experiencing stomach pains and vomiting when first responders arrived and treated them at the scene.

A police investigation later identified Bryant as the caterer with Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen, according to the outlet.

Law enforcement spoke with Glenny following the incident and asked if she’d given permission or requested to have the food laced with marijuana, Click Orlando reported. Glenny allegedly denied that. Law enforcement also collected evidence from the wedding, and both lasagna and a piece of bread tested positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), according to an arrest affidavit, Click Orlando reported. (RELATED: Couple in Malaysia Hold 10,000-Guest Drive-Thru Wedding To Bypass 20-Person Limit On Event)


Miranda Cady, reportedly a friend of Glenny, reacted to the incident. “I thought I was having a heart attack,” Cady told WESH. “My heart was racing and before I went to bed that night, I actually slept in my car on-site.”

Cady also shared that a guest seated at her table during the wedding suspected the food was laced with marijuana.

“He’s like, ‘Are we stoned right now?’ And everyone was just kind of looking around at each other laughing and we absolutely were,” Cady explained, according to WESH. “We were high as a kite, out of our minds.”

Since being charged in connection with the alleged incident, Glenny and Bryant have both made bond, according to WFLA.