REPORT: Letter Claims Gavin Newsom Interfered With Harassment Suit That Benefitted His Funders

REUTERS/Jessica Orellana

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A California civil rights attorney claimed that Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office interfered with a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard Inc.

Assistant chief counselor Melanie Proctor of California’s Department of Fair Employment and House (DFEH) resigned from her position due to “now-apparent lack of independence,” Fox40 reported Thursday. DFEH sued Activision Blizzard last July, arguing that the organization has a “frat boy” culture and is a “breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women,” Fox40 detailed.

A female Activision employee died by suicide shortly after taking a trip with her male supervisor and nude photographs of her were circulated around a holiday party, Bloomberg reported. (RELATED: Who Is The Wokest Soyboy Of Them All?)

“In the last few weeks, after DFEH won several court decisions in DFEH v. Activision Blizzard et al, the Office of the Governor began to interfere with this active litigation. The Office of the Governor repeatedly demanded advance notice of litigation strategy and of next steps in the litigation. As we continued to win in state court, this interference increased, mimicking the interests of Activision’s counsel,” Proctor wrote in a resignation email in mid-April, according to the outlet.

The governor’s office stated that Proctor’s claims are “categorically false,” Fox40 reported. Newsom and his team have refused to release any communication between Gov. Newsom’s team and DFEH regarding Activision, citing limitations due to the ongoing litigation, Fox40 noted.

Newsom could be argued as having a significant relationship with Activision Blizzard, as Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg donated $25,000 to Newsom’s reelection campaign, according to Fox40. Activision director and Wasserman Media Group CEO Casey Wasserman also donated $100,000 to Newsom’s Stop the Republican Recall campaign, Politico reported earlier this month.

Proctor’s resignation was also prompted by the termination of DFEH Chief Counselor Jannette Wipper, Fox40 continued. “Janette attempted to protect DFEH’s independence, our attorneys and this active litigation and was then abruptly terminated for opposing the Office of the Governor’s efforts,” Proctor continued in her email.