Texas School Shooter’s Mother Speaks Out About Her Son


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The mother of the 18-year-old allegedly responsible for the massacre at Robb Elementary School spoke out Wednesday about her son, claiming he was “not a violent person.”

Adriana Reyes admits that her son Salvador Ramos “kept to himself and didn’t have many friends,” but denies that he was a violent person, according to an interview with Daily Mail. She said she was “surprised” to learn her son was the Texas school shooter and claims to have had no idea he had legally purchased two AR-15 rifles, one of which he used in his attack on the innocent victims within the school.

“My son wasn’t a violent person. I’m surprised by what he did,” Reyes said, according to Daily Mail.

Ramos was fatally shot by officers after killing 19 children and 2 teachers, and wounding many others.

Reyes was at her mother’s hospital bedside for the interview, according to Daily Mail. She stood vigil over Celia Gonzalez, the shooter’s grandmother, who was another one of his victims. Gonzalez was reportedly shot in the face by Ramos before he made his way to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, the outlet reported.

Reyes went on to deny having a strained relationship with her son, and denied rumors that she had a drug addiction issue which led Ramos to live with his grandparents, according to Daily Mail.

“I had a good relationship with him,” Reyes said. She revealed the last time she spoke with Ramos was on Monday, which was Ramos’ birthday, and the day before the shooting took place. “I had a card and a Snoopy stuffed animal to give to him.” (RELATED: The Innocent Victims Gunned Down In The Texas School Massacre)

Ramos’ grandfather, 74-year-old Rolando Reyes, echoed his daughter’s statement and claimed that he also had no idea his grandson had purchased the rifles. He also confirmed that Ramos was indeed a young man that spent most of his time alone in his room, and went on to provide more information about what Ramos’ life was like prior to the deadly incident.

“This past year he didn’t go to school. He didn’t graduate. You would try to tell him but kids nowadays they think they know everything,” Reyes said, according to Daily Mail. Rolando went on to reveal a layer of information that differed from what his daughter had reported.

“The teen did not live with his mother because they had ‘problems,'” Rolando reportedly said.

Ramos’ mother shared her feelings about the shooting. “I pray for those families. I’m praying for all of those innocent children, yes I am. They [the children] had no part in this,” she said, according to Daily Mail.