REPORT: Robber Shoots Employee, Drops Gun In Tussle. Employee Shoots Him Back In Abdomen

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During an armed robbery at a MetroPCS in Baltimore, an employee reportedly used the assailant’s gun to shoot back. The employee was suffering a gunshot wound to the leg, according to CBS Baltimore.

An investigation is ongoing, but authorities believe a customer originally entered the store in the afternoon seeking service, CBS Baltimore reported. After he was allegedly told by MetroPCS employees they could not help him, he exited and returned with a handgun, according to the outlet. Upon his second arrival, police said he announced a robbery. (RELATED: Cash Register Attendant Pulls A Handgun On A Criminal During Attempted Robbery In Viral Video)

One of the store employees reportedly fought back in an attempt to seize the gun, which at some point discharged, shooting a different employee’s leg. The firearm then fell to the ground, and the wounded employee grabbed it and shot the suspect in the abdomen, reported CBS Baltimore.

When Baltimore police responded to the scene at around 1:40 p.m., the two were found to have non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and were hospitalized. (RELATED: Best Buy Employees Attempt To Stop Robbery In Epic Video)

“Fortunately, we were told he is going to be OK. It was a flesh wound to his leg, but other than that, he is actually OK,” Carlos, a MetroPCS employee, said to WBALTV 11.

The assailant will be charged with Attempted Armed Robbery, Reckless Endangerment and a number of handgun violations after he is discharged from the hospital, according to CBS Baltimore.