Monday Marks The 78-Year Anniversary Of D-Day

Army Signal Corps Collection/U.S. National Archives/Handout via REUTERS.

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s officially been 78 years since Allied forces hammered the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

On June 6, 1944, thousands and thousands of Allied troops hammered the beach line in order to kick down the front door of Europe and slaughter the Nazi oppressors during WWII.

Not only was the invasion a success, it’s probably the most impressive American military accomplishment of the past 100 years.

American airborne soldiers dropped from the sky shortly after midnight and as the sun came up, American soldiers supported by our allies hit the beaches under heavy German machine gun and artillery fire.

One of the craziest facts of the invasion is that many of the paratroopers landed without weapons because of the idiotic leg bags they were ordered to wear didn’t work.

As soon as their parachutes opened, the cord snapped and they watched as their gear hit the ground. Imagine landing behind enemy lines surrounded by Germans, and you lack the necessary gear to fight.

Yet, they didn’t run or hide. The American paratroopers advanced with the mission and took out the German artillery hammering the beaches.

On the beaches – Omaha specifically – people witnessed horrors that can’t be described with words. Some units on Omaha Beach suffered a casualty rate above 90%. That means nine out of every ten guys were either killed or wounded.

Stop and think about that for a second. Imagine being in a situation surrounded by so much death, but still pushing forward.

A lot of people in America seem to have forgotten just how great this country is, and the 78th anniversary of D-Day is a wonderful time to remember that America kicks ass, especially when it comes to liberating the oppressed.

When the grip of the Nazis strangled Europe, American farm kids carrying Thomspon submachine guns and M1 Garands beat the living hell out of them, and successfully blew the door of Europe right off the hinges.

Today, take a moment to remember all the heroes of D-Day and all the men who hung it out on the line to defend freedom. We thank you!