Hoo Boy, SNL Comedian Michael Che Says What Everyone’s Thinking About J6, Risking Massive Fallout

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Michael Che shared his views on the January 6 hearings Tuesday on Instagram.

“And i kno im gonna lose a lot of customers for this one..,” Che captioned the post, in which he wrote, “january 6 hearings..? pfft! more like january sick of hearing about this crap!” At the time of writing, it was Che’s only post to his Instagram account.


He took down the post almost right away, replacing it with a series of posts where he says his “SMART FANS know EXACTLY what side im on, and how i feel about all this… i mean, enough is enough! we are being FAILED! im watching these hearings, and im seeing the same thing youre seeing and im just like is ANYBODY SEEING THIS?!?!”

“sorry. and i know i can lose a lot of my endorsements for saying this but.. AMERICA. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO ALREADY!” It’s unclear whether Che’s “SMART FANS” will ever understand how he can use an Oxford comma but not capitalize correctly, though, or what he’s on about.


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Thankfully, he posted again, writing “people are saying im still being too vague about what side im on, so let me say it PLAINLY. we. need. to. wake. up. or. we. are. gonna. lose. this. country.” (RELATED: Saudi Comedians Roast Biden And Harris Like ‘SNL’ Never Would)

Che shared the posts to his 730,000 followers, many of whom commented on his original statement. One wrote, “you’re tired of people talking about an attempted coup of the government and how easily it can happen again?” Another commented, “Agree as aint’ nothin’ gonna happen after the hearings anyway!” Someone else suggested that “people’s parents died so… it’s kinda important fam.”

The “Weekend Update” star and SNL co-writer previously shared his opinions on the media, to which he received such heavy backlash that he was forced to delete his comments.

“Trump calling a news lady ‘dumb as rocks’ is f*cking funny. Look, Trump is not wrong about the media. They’re not good. They DO make sh*t up. They DO sensationalize bullsh*t for ratings and profit,” Che said at the time.

Che has also had to walk back comments he’s made on stage, such as one earlier this year about him leaving SNL. Che dismissed the reports in another since-deleted Instagram post.