What Do A Cartoon Robot, Tampons, Transgenderism And Kids Have In Common? Disney’s Latest Attempt To ‘Queer’ Content


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Writer Christopher Rufo shared a video Tuesday of an allegedly leaked clip of a woke new Disney show that features tampons, robots and transgender menstruation.

The show, apparently called “Baymax,” will be promoted to children as young as two-years-old, Rufo claimed in a tweet. “It’s all part of Disney’s plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality,” Rufo argued.

Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek said in March that the company was “taking some actions” to create gay content for kids, and even created an LGBT task force to tackle the subject matter. It looks like Chapek and his task force stuck to their word, and are now going to destroy the innocence of childhood by forcing youngsters to learn about periods before they need to.

Look, I’m not a biologist, but every woman I know defines their evolution into adolescence and adulthood by starting their period. It’s not something that’s particularly pleasant. In fact, it’s a total freaking nightmare, and now Disney is set to lie to, confuse, and scare children with content about this very private woman’s issue. (RELATED: ‘You Fight Back’: DeSantis Takes On Disney, Woke Corporations)

Why should any child know that for a few days to a week or so every month until we’re officially old, our bodies go through Hell? We bloat, we cramp, we cry for no reason, we worry about what clothes to wear, we have separate underwear just for the occasion. Children should be focused on learning comprehensive reading, mathematics, science, and doing dumb stuff like falling off bikes and building forts, not the awkwardness of adolescence and trials and tribulations of adulthood.

So stupid is this part of womanhood that some put foreign bodies and drugs inside themselves to try and mitigate the worst of it. Having a period is not some happy-clappy bullsh*t that (a) men will ever truly understand, and (b) that children should have to before they need to.

Look, if this show was going to be marketed to adolescents, then I have no problem with it. Talking about how stupid and annoying periods are is one of the few things that unite all women, and it would be great to think that the pointless embarrassment of periods can be mitigated for the next generation.

However, there is a line here, and Disney seems to have crossed it and made it “queer.” It’s not even about targeting young people with “inclusion” content, it’s about ruining the innocence of childhood for no reason other than some woke virtue signaling by a bunch of suits.