Video Shows Bloody Aftermath Of Suspected Homeless Transient Fight In Major Tourist Hotspot


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage of what appeared to be the aftermath of a bloody street brawl near Hollywood and Vine, Los Angeles, was shared Wednesday on Instagram.

In the video, two men can be seen speaking to police on Hollywood’s famous Walk Of Fame, just outside of a Starbucks. The man closest to the cameraman, luxury realtor Travis Canby, was covered in blood and smoking a cigarette as he spoke to the uniformed officer.

The other stood several feet away with his back to another officer, his arms behind his back and appeared to be handcuffed. “I was walking back from the grocery store. My wife called me and told me to be careful as there was a man covered in blood on the corner,” Canby told the Daily Caller. “On the way back I noticed the guy in the white shirt covered in blood. He’s been living on our corner for a while.”

Canby noted that the homeless man in the white shirt was “always really nice” and that he’s seen him “at church a few times. He keeps to himself, lives in a tent and listens to a portable radio often.” Canby spoke to another man at the scene who said that the man in the white shirt was allegedly “taking pictures of little girls and the man on the bike (who appears to be homeless too) intervened to stop it and when the man in [the] white shirt refused, the man on the bike beat him up.”

He told the Caller that the video is “nothing though. There’s so much insane action around me. It’s almost surreal.” He then sent a series of videos of homeless men and women attacking people in Los Angeles. One of the videos viewed by the Daily Caller shows Canby and his pregnant wife running out of a FedEx as a homeless woman started attacking customers.

“We will have to move. I can’t raise a child in this chaos. Just recently a [homeless person] walked up to a lady [with] a stroller and poured hot coffee on a newborn,” Canby continued. (RELATED: Six Major US Cities Report Historic Increases In Violent Crime)

Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has overseen a rapid rise in crime throughout the southern Californian city, which has contributed to a mass exodus of LA residents in recent years. The neighborhood where Canby shot the video in this article voted to defund the police Monday.