Take A Moment To Be Grateful For America On The Fourth Of July

(Photo credit: AFP/AFP via Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There is no better time to honor America than on the Fourth of July.

Currently, a lot of people seem down on America. It’s become very common and even popular to trash the country we all call home. It’s almost like a lot of folks, especially younger people, have completely forgotten why we are the greatest nation on the planet.

So, there’s no better day than today to kick back with some beers and remember why the red, white and blue kicks ass.

Not only are we the world’s most powerful country, but we’re also the greatest force for good the planet has ever seen. Whenever the world cries out for help, America answers.

In WWII when the Nazis and Japanese tried to control the world, farm kids from Wisconsin and Iowa carried M1s and Thompson submachine guns into battle.

Instead of feeding cows, they were feeding the enemy rifle rounds in Europe and across the Pacific.

When terrorists slaughtered innocent Americans, brave men picked up weapons and deployed all over the world to take the fight to the monsters bringing war and terror to our homeland.

Whether the caves of Afghanistan or the streets of Iraq, Americans have never been afraid to fight. Trust me, I know a lot of men who have killed a lot of people and spilled a lot of blood to protect this amazing nation.

Be thankful guys like them exist and be very grateful they’re on our side.

On this fine day, eat some great food and hammer some beers. It’s what all those who came before us would want us to do. It’s the birthday of the greatest country to ever exist. I plan on hammering beers with the boys and celebrating this nation!

I love America, and I’ll never apologize for it. I hope you all feel the same way!