‘How Effective Can These Red Flag Laws Possibly Be’: CNN Analyst Raises Concerns After IL Shooting

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN analyst and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe called into question the effectiveness of red flag laws Tuesday after a gunman opened fire at a Fourth of July parade, killing seven and injuring more.

McCabe was discussing the shooting that unfolded Monday in Highland Park, a Chicago suburb. Twenty-one year old Robert Crimo is accused of opening fire on the parade, killing seven and injuring 24. Crimo is believed to have planned the attack weeks in advance, spokesman for the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Christopher Covelli said Tuesday.

McCabe said authorities would likely focus their efforts on finding a motive.

“Also, we could learn more about possible motivations, going through these videos, we know that this individual has posted, what would they be looking for there?” CNN anchor John Berman asked. (RELATED: Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Control Legislation)

“So, they’re looking, first John, for evidence of planning, of intent, how long he was thinking about staging this attack, they’re also looking for other people who may have helped him in his preparation, or execution of the attack, maybe supplied him with the weapon or provided him with planning assistance. Or just people who know what he was all about,” McCabe said.

“I think — the heart of what we have been talking about a lot lately with these red flag laws. So, you know, has been a lot of excitement over the fact that the recent national legislation provides incentive to the states to institute red flag laws. If we have yet another situation where we have a mass shooter who is putting out plenty of signals that possibly his network of associates and family knew about, but yet no word was a ever passed on to law enforcement, really calls into question how effective can these red flag laws possibly be.”