Most Americans Want An Abortion Ban After 15 Weeks: POLL

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Most Americans disagree with the Democratic Party’s views on allowing mothers to have abortions up until birth, a new poll shows.

Only 10% of registered voters support the Democratic Party’s position on abortion access up to 9 months of pregnancy, according to the Harvard CAPS Harris Poll released Friday. The poll surveyed 1,308 registered voters from June 28-29.

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Women’s Health Protection Act in September 2021, which legalizes abortion up until birth and removes bans on partial-birth abortions. Prominent Democrats such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have claimed that such procedures are part of a “woman’s right to choose.” Republican senators and Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin voted against the upper chamber’s attempt to pass the bill in May.

Americans broadly support a state ban on abortion at varying stages of pregnancy, according to the data. The survey showed that 18% of Americans support banning abortion after 23 weeks, 23% support banning it after 15 weeks, 12% support banning it after six weeks, and 37% think states should enact a complete abortion ban except in cases of rape and incest.

Banning abortion access after 15 weeks of pregnancy is supported by over 75% of the women polled, while only 25% said abortion should be available to pregnant women 23 weeks and longer. (RELATED: America’s First Feminists Opposed Abortion, Then The Movement Was Hijacked)

Registered voters also signaled that abortion would not make a major impact on how they plan to vote in the midterms, according to the poll.

Voters were divided on which party they would vote for in the midterms after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and give authority to draft abortion legislation back to the states, the poll reported. (RELATED: POLL: 71% Of Voters Don’t Want Biden In 2024)

While 29% of voters said the Supreme Court decision would have “no effect” on how they vote in the midterms, the voters it did affect were split. Of those voters, 36% said they were more likely to vote Republican, and 36% said this decision made them more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate.

Sixty-nine percent of registered voters said the Supreme Court decision created turmoil in the U.S. rather than helping to settle long debated abortion law, the polling reported.

Twenty-five percent of voters believe that Supreme Court Justices should set abortion standards in the U.S., 31% believe Congress should make that decision, and 44% want that power to belong to the legislatures of each state, the poll reported.

The poll found that Americans disagree with pro-abortion activists protesting the Court’s decision outside justices’ homes. Almost 60% of voters said it was wrong for prominent Democrats to call the Supreme Court illegitimate, and 62% said people should not be allowed to protest outside a Supreme Court justice’s home.