A Man Allegedly Pulled Out His Penis Then Beat Up A Woman With A Dead Seagull In Germany


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A man in Öjendorfer in the German city of Hamburg reportedly exposed his penis and beat a woman with a dead seagull Tuesday morning.

The man reportedly began insulting the 31-year old woman. He then either stepped on or kicked her dog, according to the German news outlet Bild and later reported on by Swiss outlet Blick. The woman reached for her cell phone to call the police and report the man, which allegedly made him lose his temper.

He reportedly proceeded to pull down his pants, fully exposing himself. The bizarre altercation didn’t stop there. The man then picked up a dead seagull from the ground and started beating the woman with it, according to Blick.

Police arrived to the scene immediately after being alerted to the situation, and the man promptly attempted to flee, according to Blick. The police proceeded to chase the unidentified alleged suspect, who attempted to ditch them by running into the lake. (RELATED: REPORT: Man Says Boyfriend Tore His Penis After Fight Over Dinner)

The fast-acting officers made various attempts to catch the man. They arrived via water on a fire rescue boat, and a helicopter was also dispatched to assist police in capturing the alleged suspect, according to Blick. Two determined officers reportedly jumped into the water, eventually restraining the suspect and arresting him right there in the lake.

The man was allegedly in the possession of two knives at the time of the arrest. He was subsequently taken into police custody, Blick noted.

The reason for the man’s outburst remains unclear at this time, and his reason for exposing himself is also a mystery.