‘I Did Nothing Wrong’: Trump Rages Over The ‘Sick And Demented People’ Who Raided His Home

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Former President Donald Trump raged against the “sick and demented” prosecutors who facilitated the raid on his home in a series of Truth Social posts Thursday.

The former president accused President Joe Biden of knowing about the raid beforehand and said law enforcement illegally broke into his home to obtain material that should not have been taken.

“Even though I’m as innocent as a person can be, and despite MY campaign being spied on by the Radical Left, the FISA COURT being lied to and defrauded, all of the many Hoaxes and Scams that were illegally placed on me by very sick and demented people, and without even mentioning the many crimes of Joe and Hunter Biden, all revealed in great detail in the Laptop From Hell, it looks more and more like the Fake News Media is pushing hard for the Sleaze to do something that should not be done!” Trump wrote.

“Joe Biden said he knew nothing about the Break-in of Mar-a-Lago or, the greatest political attack in the history of the U.S.,” he said in a separate post. “Does anybody really believe that?”

TOPSHOT - A police car is seen outside former US President Donald Trump's residence in Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida on August 8, 2022. - Former US president Donald Trump said August 8, 2022 that his Mar-A-Lago residence in Florida was being "raided" by FBI agents in what he called an act of "prosecutorial misconduct." (Photo by Giorgio VIERA / AFP) (Photo by GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images)

(Photo by Giorgio VIERA / AFP) (Photo by GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images)

He added that prosecutors raided his home on the basis of the Presidential Records Act and accused the Justice Department and FBI of “leaking” at an unprecedented level. (RELATED: ‘Political Witch Hunt’: Mike Davis Alleges Biden Knew About The Mar-A-Lago Raid) 

“The Radical Left Democrat prosecutors are illegally trying to circumvent, for purely political gain, the Presidential Record’s Act, under which I have done absolutely nothing wrong. It can not be circumvented, for me or any other President. They illegally Raided my home, and took things that should not have been taken. They even broke into my safe, an unthinkable act!” he added.

Biden denied that he had advance knowledge of the raid, though a letter obtained by the Washington Times said that he ordered the National Archives to share all materials they obtained from Trump with the Justice Department and the FBI. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland also said he “personally approved” the raid in a previous address.

The FBI said it found 11 sets of classified documents in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, including four sets of top secret material. The former president disputed these findings, claiming all of the documents were “declassified” and in a “secure space.”