We Missed This, But It’s Literally The Most Disgusting Hillary Clinton Story We’ve Ever Heard


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Twice failed presidential candidate turned wannabe documentarian Hillary Clinton finally let us know Friday why she keeps wearing awful pant suits.

I’m sure most of you have been wondering why Clinton constantly chooses to disrespect herself by wearing the ugliest clothes in the universe, and apparently Brazil is to blame, according to statements Clinton made on CBS Sunday Morning. Apparently folks in the South American country were trying to get upskirt shots of Clinton to use in lingerie advertisements, the former First Lady told the outlet.

“I was sitting on a couch and the press was let in. There were a bunch of them shooting up,” Clinton told the network. Some of the photos were then apparently use to sell women’s underwear. The photos that show Clinton sitting down with her legs not entirely together ended up on billboards, according to the outlet.

This was the first of several moments that tricked Clinton into thinking that pant suits were a viable alternative to, I don’t know, wearing tights?? Honestly though, this entire story feels like another failed attempt to appear “normal” and “down-to-Earth” while she promotes her new Apple TV+ show, “Gutsy.”

Clinton told the outlet that the gutsiest thing she ever did was stay in her marriage after her husband, former president Bill Clinton, had an affair with at least one other woman — Monica Lewinsky. (RELATED: Hillary, Babe, No One Wants To Get Intimate With You, Even If Kim K Is There Too)

Honestly, I had completely forgotten that she and Bill were even married. They look more like siblings than spouses, and my gut tells me the only reason she stayed in the marriage was for her career.