‘I Had A Pit In My Stomach The Whole Time’: Liberal Goes To Trump Rally In Memphis, Ends Up Making Friends

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A TikTok user who is a self-described liberal was pleasantly surprised when attendees of a Trump rally were amicable toward him in a TikTok video.

TikTok user Samuel Donner went to a Trump rally in Memphis, Tennessee, asking people if they wanted to make friends, to which 49 out of 100 people said “yes.” He told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that people wanted to talk and find common ground with those they disagree with.

“It actually was much more friendly than I was expecting, I mean, growing up in LA [Los Angeles] you think that these events are going to be very aggressive, and also I was kind of just saying that I was a liberal, but I was absolutely baffled that people wanted to talk and would actually be friends with me when I asked ‘want to be friends?’ and they said ‘yes.'”

Donner said his the company he works for, “100New Friends,” is trying to find common ground with all people. Footage shows a supporter of former President Donald Trump telling Donner he supports people of all races, and accepting Donner’s offer to be friends. (RELATED: Missouri Dems Plan To Snatch Up Tickets To Trump Rally)

“[Going to the Memphis rally] seemed fairly scary and I think that’s honestly what I wanted to test. Can I go into what I thought was the most hostile environment I could?” he said. “But when I went, yeah no, I told them [my friends] it was actually fairly friendly, and I think, again, it’s just about starting those conversations. If you can start those conversations, you can actually understand where that common ground is, where it starts and maybe where it ends, and even [with] where it ends you can discuss with each other like, hey, let’s find that common ground.”

“Overall, everyone was super friendly,” he added.

Donner said he felt nervous to enter the Trump rally, as he expected a greater amount of hostility due to their political differences.

“I was so nervous going in, I had a put in my stomach the whole time,” he added.

He concluded by recounting that one woman at the rally invited him to her women’s bible study group and showed him “a ton of empathy,” despite having a different viewpoint.