Meltdown In Martha’s: Islanders Bicker Over Just How Much Help To Give Illegals

Ray Ewing/Vineyard Gazette/Handout via REUTERS

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Facebook group members dedicated to Martha’s Vineyard residents are trying to figure out how they will deal with the illegal migrants Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent to their island town via plane Wednesday.

The move has members of local Facebook groups who seem to be residents asking their neighbors to give up their summer homes to house the new arrivals, according to screenshots of the groups posted by Massachusetts journalist Aidan Kearney. In contrast, others suggest sending “some new members of the labor force” to help “build government housing projects” since the island claims to have a housing crisis.

“Find them permanent housing? I’m sorry, but I thought there was a housing shortage here,” said Kathy Landers, according to the screenshots.

Debra Marlin didn’t offer her home, but still asked if residents could “just come and give them nice clothing.” She also suggested that maybe she could “help in the evenings,” the screenshots showed.

Other residents were eager to blame DeSantis for their problems, but one neighbor offered former President Barack Obama’s oceanside mansion as a top solution. (RELATED: ‘Virtue Signaling’: DeSantis Mocks Democrats Complaining About Having To Deal With Illegal Migrants)

“Here’s the thing. DeSantis absolutely can send refugees to MA and we have services set up to help them and ease the stress on our border states,” wrote Rebecca Behenna. “But, without notice, he “dumped” them not in Boston, where support systems are in place but in MV, which has no existing services. IMO it was a political stunt that shows DeSantis to be both calculatingly partisan and deeply cruel.”

“Obama has room,” Behenna’s apparent neighbor, Chris Keniston, responded.

Carole W. Saucier was very worried about all the “poor” people arriving from Florida who don’t understand just how expensive their quaint luxury lifestyle is. “I can’t believe they delivered these poor people to one of the most expensive places to live,” Saucier wrote. “My heart goes out to them and to the Islanders that will have to do some serious work here. The only good is that at least they will be treated with kindness on [the] island.”

Sy San accepted the responsibility to care for the migrants admitting that this was his choice as a Democratic voter. “We, who voted Democrat, promised our support for illegal immigration and supported a ‘sanctuary state.’ Now the illegal immigrants are being transported to us because our votes agreed to support them,” San wrote. “I can’t understand how anyone can formulate a logical argument as to why we shouldn’t receive these folks.”

“The border states voted to not support open borders/illegal immigration, so it makes sense they would transport these fold to an area that welcomes them. What is the argument,” San added. “Florida is doing the right thing in helping place these people where they are welcome. I don’t understand the controversy.

Gail Anooshian, on the other hand, would like some help changing the locks to something if anyone has any suggestions.