Karine Jean-Pierre Compares Ron DeSantis To Human Smuggler

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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White House press sec. Karine Jean-Pierre compared Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to human smugglers Friday after the governors sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Vice President Kamala Harris’ house respectively.

DeSantis sent two planes of about 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday as part of a broader effort to transport migrants illegally crossing the U.S-Mexico border to Democrat-run sanctuary areas. Abbott then sent two buses of illegal migrants Thursday morning to Harris’ front steps. The buses came from Eagle Pass, Texas and carried roughly 75-100 migrants from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico.

“Two Republican governors reportedly lured 100 asylum seekers, including children, onto planes and buses with false premises and then abandoned them on the side of a busy road thousands of miles away with nothing, with nothing but Ziplock bags of their belongings in hand. These were children. They were moms. They were fleeing communism,” Jean-Pierre said.

Jean-Pierre then alleged the governors used the migrants as “political pawns [and] treated them like chattel in a cruel, premeditated political stunt.” (RELATED: It Only Took 24 Hours For A Rich Liberal Enclave To Kick Out Their Illegal Migrants)

“These vulnerable migrants were reportedly misled about where they were headed, told they would be headed to — to Boston, misled about what they would be provided when they arrived, promised shelter, refuge, benefits and more. These are the kinds of tactics we see from smugglers in places like Mexico and Guatemala. And for what, a photo op? Because these governors care about creating political theater than creating actual solutions to help folks who are fleeing communism, to help children, to help families.”