Remember ‘Transracial’ Activist Rachel Dolezal? Well, Someone Found Her OnlyFans Account

Rachel Dolezal (Photo: TODAY Screenshot)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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If you don’t remember Rachel Dolezal’s name, you’ll definitely remember her as the disgraced former president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP who claimed to be black for years despite being very, very white.

Dolezal’s story shook headlines back in 2015, mostly for how outrageously absurd her lie was. Just two years after being outed as white, Dolezal was jobless, nearing homelessness, and living on food stamps, according to her (so who knows if it was true).

Thankfully, Dolezal is likely going to save her bottom line thanks to her trending on Twitter this morning because someone found her OnlyFans account. Yes, there were photographs readily available online, but they’re so NSFW that the only one I could find that I felt comfortable linking in this piece was this one.

Here is another fun fact about Dolezal that most people might not remember: she actually started the outrageously stupid trend of people going “I identify as” when they want the rest of the world to call them something they’re not. For example: “I identify as an astronaut so I need y’all to call me Buzz now.” (RELATED: OnlyFans Model Claims She Was Kicked Off Dating Apps For Being ‘Too Hot’)

That’s right! What is now one of the most common progressive phrases in the English language started as a joke! Thanks to Dolezal, anyone can identify as anything so long as they say “I identify as,” even when it’s biologically impossible and clearly fringes on mental illness. Thank you, Rachel, for starting one of the greatest hindrances to American growth.

Oh, and last year, Dolezal called herself a “transracial activist” according to the Tamron Hall Show. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.