EXCLUSIVE: Planned Parenthood Advocate, Gender Clinic Doctor Helped Craft Wisconsin Schools’ Raunchy Sex Ed Curriculum


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A Wisconsin public school district teaches kindergarteners about genitalia thanks, in part, to an external committee that includes a doctor who promotes chemical castration of teens and a Planned Parenthood activist, according to records reviewed by the Daily Caller.

Wauwatosa School District proposed a new Human Growth and Development Curriculum in August that includes lessons on genitalia and gender identity for kindergarteners. The new curriculum teaches kindergarteners about “gender identity and expression” by reading books such as “Sparkle Boy” and “Not All Princesses Dress in Pink.”

Five-year-old students are also required to point out the penis and vulva as well as the nipples, butts and anuses of boys and girls, according to a PowerPoint from the district’s curriculum.


Screenshot/Wauwatosa School District/Advocates for Youth

The curriculum was approved, in part, by a committee of “external stakeholders” as required by both Wisconsin law and a school board policy. Wauwatosa School District’s external committee was tasked with choosing the organization that created the human anatomy PowerPoint for five-year-olds, according to a brief on the external committee’s role.

Committee members also considered using a sex-ed YouTube channel that teaches kids about pornography and abortion to craft their standards, according to the committee’s resources. (RELATED: Wisconsin Education Department Promotes ‘Gender Expansive’ Resources For Three-Year-Olds)

The external committee played a major role in pushing for students to learn about sex and gender identity in “mixed gendered groups,” according to the committee’s brief. Committee members argued that mixing the genders helps educators avoid “marginalizing students that may self-identify as LGBTQIA+.”

Two of the “health care professionals” listed as members of the external committee have clear motives for promoting an LGBT agenda in public schools. Shannon Malnory-Sibernagel is the “Annual Giving Officer” for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, according to her résumé. Planned Parenthood is an ardent supporter of the LGBT agenda and offers “gender-affirming hormone therapy” to children as young as 16.

Jacquelyn Smith, another committee member, works as a psychologist at Children’s Wisconsin Gender Health Clinic and appears to approve of the chemical castration of minors, according to the hospital’s website. Smith is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which does not recommend any minimum age for beginning transgender surgeries and hormones.

In an article, Smith pushed the narrative that affirming a child’s gender dysphoria leads to a decrease in suicide rates among gender-confused youth. In contrast, a report by the Heritage Foundation found that “easing access to cross-sex treatments without parental consent significantly increases suicide rates.”

Wauwatosa School District confirmed to the Daily Caller that the curriculum was approved by the Board of Education and that “a majority of the external committee expressed their support for the curriculum.”

Malnory-Sibernagel and Smith did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.