Tom Brady’s Divorce Proves Once And For All Why He’s The GOAT

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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85,000 yards. 630 touchdowns. Seven Super Bowls. Three children with two women. One divorce. These are the statistics of greatness.

Millions of American men fire up their computers every fall to draft their fantasy football teams. Millions of American boys put on the pads on Friday nights in hopes that a cute girl will talk to them outside chemistry class. These men don’t even dare to dream what Tom Brady has achieved.

And yet, he wants more. He wants one more Lombardi Trophy. One more confetti snowstorm. And so his supermodel wife had to go.
They say behind every great man is a nagging wife. Your average husband, he just takes it. But the great ones, like Brady, solve problems.

Brady had a problem. He makes history every time he steps on the field, as a starting quarterback at age 45. He wants to make more history by winning a historic 8th Super Bowl. There’s nothing standing in his way other than himself.

He could either have the will to sacrifice his marriage and family for the game, or he couldn’t. He could become the average suburban couch potato, who begrudgingly submits to his wife who wants to watch Real Housewives instead of Sunday Night Football. He could stay in to watch the kids instead of going down to the bar for some brews with the boys.

But Brady took a stand. When offered a choice between his supermodel wife and continuing to make history, he made the courageous choice. (RELATED: The NFL Makes A Sickening Decision. How Low Will The League Stoop?)
Tom Brady didn’t ask for the golden arm, the $300 million career salary, the extensive plastic surgery. But this is the price of greatness.