‘Absolutely He Is Not Pro-Life’: AZ Dem Staffer Alleges Sen. Kelly Has To ‘Play Both Sides’ For Votes

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Project Veritas reportedly recorded a paid campaign staffer for Democratic Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly admitting she tells Arizona residents Kelly is a pro-life candidate, despite Kelly being pro-abortion.

While knocking on doors for the Mark Kelly Campaign, paid staffer Evynn Bronson alleged to an undercover reporter Kelly hides “all of the very liberal” positions he holds, including those on abortion, because he has to “play both sides” in order to garner more support, according to a video posted by Project Veritas Action on Youtube.

In the video, Bronson appears to explain how she would respond to questions from moderate voters regarding issues they may not agree with Kelly on. There were no indications in the video that Bronson was acting on orders from Kelly’s campaign.

“He definitely tries to do a lot to work bipartisan, both Republicans and Democrats, so he’s not going to outright say, like, all the very liberal [views],” Project Veritas recorded Bronson saying.

She told the Project Veritas reporter that, in her opinion, Kelly would promote his moderate views while campaigning but would work to implement his more liberal ideas when in office, the video showed. (RELATED: Biden’s White House Clown Show Might Be The Nail In The Democratic Party’s Coffin)

“Why do you think he doesn’t just say them?” the reporter asked Bronson.

“He has to play both sides,” Bronson responded. “Forty percent of the people voting are undecided whether or not they’re going to vote Republican [or] Democrat.”

“So you think he just needs to say that to get the vote?” the reporter asked.

“Well, he’s not going to say anything outright about what he’s going to do, unless it will garner support from Independents and some of the moderate Republicans,” Bronson said.

She said any talk of Kelly’s far-left views, including his position on abortion, would make Republicans and Independents less likely to vote for him, the video showed. The reporter asked Bronson how she would handle talking to a pro-life, moderate Republican voter about Kelly’s stance on abortion, knowing Kelly is pro-abortion. She told the reporter she would use deceptive wording to make Arizona residents believe Kelly is pro-life.

“Okay, what if I came across a Republican who was … pro-life, and they ask me if Mark Kelly is pro-life?” the reporter asked Bronson in the video.

“Yes. I would say ‘Mark Kelly is pro-life, but also pro-keeping the government out of our healthcare.’ I don’t know, something stupid like that,” Bronson responded. When asked about Kelly’s views on abortion directly, Bronson told the reporter, “Absolutely [Kelly] is not pro-life.”

“And then I’d go to something like, ‘You know, after his wife was in a shooting, he values life so much. It’s just a shame,'” said Bronson.

Kelly is running in a highly contested race against Republican Candidate Blake Masters for one of Arizona’s U.S. Senate seats. Masters knocked Kelly’s purported allegiance to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Joe Biden’s agenda earlier in October.

“Joe Biden is spending like a drunken sailor, and at every single opportunity, Mark Kelly just says yes. He can’t say no to Chuck Schumer. He can’t say no to Joe Biden – at least Senator Sinema stopped Build Back Better,” Masters said during their debate.

The Kelly campaign did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment regarding how the senator promotes his views on abortion while campaigning.