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‘Real And Pressing Issues’: Black Conservative Group Releases Blueprint To Reform America

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Bronson Winslow Second Amendment & Politics Reporter
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Project 21, a conservative black leadership network, released a “blueprint” Monday identifying eight key areas that need reform due to the Biden administration’s policies they believe have harmed black Americans.

The group, a project of the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), released their “Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America,” at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, and identified criminal justice, Critical Race Theory (CRT), education, election integrity, employment and many other key areas they believe need reform. The group emphasized that President Joe Biden has focused on “the virtues of wokeism and eco-alarmism,” and the blueprint offers solutions for the “real and pressing issues” faced by black Americans. (RELATED: Biden’s Economy Is Devastating Black Americans)

“The blueprint is 56 innovative ways, creative ways that we can grow and prosper black America, but we can grow and prosper black America without limiting white America or any other group. The lie of the left has been that for one group to achieve, another has to lose. That is divisive. That causes issues,” Chairman Of Project 21 Horace Cooper said during the event.

The blueprint focuses on “kitchen table and quality of life” issues, offering 56 policy recommendations that will be sent to local and regional leaders across America.

A need for criminal justice reform and “skyrocketing” crime in inner-cities led the group to recommend increased body camera use by law enforcement, discontinuing police department consent decrees and restoring bail and mandatory sentencing. To combat the spread of CRT in the classroom, the group urged the reinstatement of a Trump-era executive order which combated the offensive and anti-American scapegoating of ideas, such as CRT, that are seen as divisive concepts in the order.

“Critical Race Theory says you need the biggest government ever, and it’s going to pick racial winners and losers. Critical Race Theory is a Marxist idea. I call it black lies matter, its advocates hate the institutions that we have,” Cooper said.

The group encourages the protection of black citizens’ votes by restricting non-citizens from voting while also “investigating and punishing” voter fraud. For employment, Project 21 calls for the abolishment of the Davis-Bacon Act, which establishes wage requirements for public works projects, to restore black employment opportunities, while also blocking vaccine mandates and removing taxes for young adults.

The group aims to promote financial independence among black Americans by pushing for the repeal of “sin taxes” and tax penalties for married couples. Through economic reform, the group hopes to foster innovation and entrepreneurship for black Americans.