CNN Contributor Predicts Republicans Will Not Accept Election Results

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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NPR’s Ayesha Rascoe said Monday on CNN that Republicans are showing signs that they won’t accept the election results.

Rascoe was on a panel responding to a recent statement from President Joe Biden, who said Sunday while campaigning in New York that hundreds of Republican candidates are “election deniers.”

“There are only two outcomes for any election: either they win or they were cheated,” Biden said. Roscoe echoed the message, claiming that Republicans are gearing up to deny the results of the midterms.

“I’m going to say it one last time — democracy was on the ballot. It is on the ballot. Look, it is true, this country is in a serious moment. You know, we have to say that,” Rascoe said. (RELATED: ‘Fool’s Gold’: Van Jones Said Democrats Foolishly Thought Talking About Threat To Democracy Would Work)

“It is Republicans who are showing that they may not accept the results of an election,” she continued. “That is a big deal. That is not a partisan statement. That is a democratic statement. But there is a question of whether that is a message that can really get through to someone who’s just trying to pay their bills and just trying to take care of their kids, when you tell them the state of democracy is in their hands they may feel overwhelmed.”

Democrats have continued to rely on the claim that democracy is at stake as polls forecast a resounding victory for the GOP. Biden said in a speech Wednesday night that “American democracy is under attack,” while House Majority whip James Clyburn said voters wouldn’t be stupid enough to choose lower gas prices over “voting rights” and democracy.