Chilean Reporter Does Segment On Robberies. Parrot Pops Out Of Nowhere To Rob Him

Twitter/Screenshot/public user: @Televisivamente

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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A South American parrot stole the show Thursday as it swooped onto a Chilean reporter’s shoulder mid-broadcast and looted his earphone as he reported on robberies.

Chilevisión (CHV) reporter Nicolás Krumm was giving a Thursday morning report on a burglary in the Chilean capital when a small green parrot flew onto his left shoulder, CHV reported. The bird sat there for a minute before turning toward Krumm’s ear, stealing his earbud and then flying off. (RELATED: REPORT: US Air Force Crew Appears To Draw ‘Sky Penis’ Near Russian Base)

The bird was purportedly a monk parakeet, or myiopsitta monachus, which is not indigenous to the Chilean area, a parrot-themed Twitter page indicated.

The incident caused several accounts to poke fun at the reporter’s misfortune.

“The parrot was probably an Android fan,” KAKE News tweeted.

“Soy famoso……” another user responded while sharing a GIF of a parrot dancing.

Although Krumm did not initially disrupt the broadcast to chase the bird, the CHV team was later able to retrieve the pilfered earpiece, CHV noted.

During the broadcast, a woman could allegedly be heard yelling to not hurt the bird, WCPO reported. The team eventually located the missing piece in the grass, according to the outlet.