Rep. Pfluger Grills Secretary Mayorkas On Immigration: ‘The American People Aren’t Buying It!’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Texas Rep. August Pfluger grilled Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday about the porous southern border.

Mayorkas testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on global terror threats. Pfluger asked him how many people among the 600,000 so-called got-aways “match the terror watchlist.”

Mayorkas said “by definition they are ‘got-aways’.”

“Okay, so you don’t know,” Pfluger shot back. “How can you say the border is secure? The American people aren’t buying it.”

“We’re not buying it because the deaths that are happening in our communities, I’ve invited you to come with me.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Guatemalan President Says Biden Admin Refused To Help Him Deport Illegal Migrants Bound For The US Border)

Pfluger then asked Mayorkas whether the U.S. had “operational control” of the border, with Mayorkas appearing to deflect from the question at hand.

More than half a million migrants crossed the southern border but were never caught in fiscal year 2022, according to Fox News. Mayorkas testified in fiscal year 2021 that there were 389,155 “got-aways.”