Chris Hemsworth Reveals He’s At High Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Actor Chris Hemsworth said in an “Good Morning America” interview Thursday that genetic testing proved he was at a very high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

He discovered that he is eight to ten times more likely of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s than the average population while on his Disney+ show “Limitless.” Hemsworth is now seeking opportunities to push the boundaries of his mental strength and live a life that promotes a positive, healthy lifestyle, according to Hello Magazine. Hemsworth underwent extensive blood testing during an episode of his series, and opened up about his experience with longevity specialist Dr. Peter Attia.


A video clip from the National Geographic show, aired on “Good Morning America,” revealed the results of his blood work.

“We’ve got every blood test one can get and you have two copies of APOE4, a set from your mom and a set from your dad … that means you have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease,” Dr. Attia told Hemsworth. APOE4 is the strongest risk factor gene for Alzheimer’s disease.

Hemsworth opened up about his feelings after learning that he may be plagued with the disease in the future. He said he couldn’t imagine not being able to recall memories with his family.

“The idea that I won’t be able to remember the life I’ve experienced or my wife, my kids, this is probably my biggest fear,” he said.

Hemsworth is using this new information about his health to make some big changes in his life.(RELATED: Breakthrough Trial Finds First Drug Ever To Curb Alzheimer’s Progression)

“It very quickly just became another wonderful motivation to make some changes and arm myself with all the tools to live a healthier and better life,” he said on “Good Morning America.”

“I think any of the motivations for living better can come in many shapes and forms. Whatever I’m gonna do now to protect myself , with brain health, will benefit every other aspect of my health and well being,” Hemsworth said.