‘Complete Douche Bag’: Maher Said Hunter Biden Was ‘Ripe To Be Used As A Conduit’ To Get To Joe

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Bill Maher said in his latest episode of “Club Random” that Hunter Biden is a “douche bag” who was a perfect “conduit” to his father while discussing the infamous laptop.

Maher sat down with author and podcaster Sam Harris. The pair were discussing media censorship when they landed on the topic of the laptop. The New York Post broke the story, which was almost immediately censored on Twitter and various other social media platforms, while news organizations dismissed it as Russian propaganda despite it being verified.

Harris tried to pin some of the blame of Rudy Giuliani, who had possession of the hard drive and kept it until just days before the 2020 presidential election. (RELATED: ‘Incredibly Inappropriate’: Musk Rips Twitter For Suspending The New York Post For Their Hunter Biden Story)

“It was completely plausible to worry that this was a fake story,” Harris said. “And there simply wasn’t enough time to get to the bottom of it.”

Sam Harris joins Bill Maher's 'Club Random'. [Screenshot Club Random]

Sam Harris joins Bill Maher’s ‘Club Random’. [Screenshot Club Random]

“Really? Well then why did the outlets that did get to the bottom of it, get to it. The New York Post had no problem getting to the bottom of it,” Maher pushed back.

“Can I go to step two of what the two reasonable people in the room would agree on? One, they’d agree it was kind of suppressed,” Maher went on.

“Two, they’d agree that Hunter Biden, being the son of the current Vice President, and being a complete douche bag, was ripe to be used as a conduit to his father, through which he was, but nothing really. It was kind of sort of everyday graft, that’s sleazy, but doesn’t affect the world.”

Harris then conceded that he would “give some credence to the possibility that it’s worse than I understand.”

Maher then said it seemed plausible that Hunter “sold his father’s influence to get money” but that Biden “would not give away our nuclear secrets to the Chinese.”

“You know, [Biden] has a soft spot for his son, his stupid son,” Maher said.