USMNT Captain Tyler Adams Gives Perfect Response To Inflammatory, Anti-USA Question From Iranian Reporter

[Twitter/Screenshot/Relevo via usmntonly]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The audacity of this Iranian reporter.

United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) captain Tyler Adams was speaking to the media during a Nov. 28 press conference and after mispronouncing the name of Iran — saying “EYE-RAN” rather than “ee-RON” — an Iranian reporter standoffishly called him out for it.

Then, after sounding like a complete douche, he goes into how the United States is a “country that has so much discrimination against black people in its own borders,” bringing up the Black Lives Matter phenomenon as his example.

Adams — in perfect, eloquent and classy fashion — steamrolled the reporter in response.

“There’s discrimination everywhere you go,” Adams, who is African-American, replied. “One thing that I’ve learned, especially from living abroad in the past years and having to fit in in different cultures is that in the US, we’re continuing to make progress every single day.”

When he closed that statement with, “in the US, we’re continuing to make progress every single day,” I instantly wanted to jump out of my seat and chant, “USA! USA!! USA!!!”

And this is mainly because of how much of a prick that Iranian reporter was. (RELATED: Well, Isn’t This Symbolic: All The U.S. Has To Do Is Take Out Iran To Advance In The World Cup)

I wanted the United States to kick Iran’s ass before, now I really want them to do it.

The absolute audacity of that guy to talk to an American like that, it makes you want to get all 1776, and we definitely will Nov. 29 on the soccer field. I want that win so much more now.

But shout out to Tyler Adams. Class act.