England’s World Cup Team Is Worth $1.19 More Than The US Team In Player Salaries

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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For England, their draw against the U.S. should really be considered a loss — and a billion-dollar loss, at that.

Despite the heavy-favorite British largely expected to destroy the Americans before the Nov. 25 FIFA World Cup game, the U.S. ended up pulling off a 0-0 draw to earn a point in group play. While I was pondering news related to the game before things kicked off, I came across some numbers from The Sports Daily showing that England’s World Cup squad is apparently worth over $1 billion more than the United States.

I’m not even joking: England is literally worth $1.19 billion more than the U.S. when you compare reported player salaries.

Here’s what the figures look like in comparison when you tally all of the club contracts together, according to The Sports Daily’s calculations:


United States: $9 million

England: $91.89 million


United States: $70.1 million

England: $337.3 million


United States: $162 million

England: $848.8 million


United States: $94.2 million

England: $281.7 million

Before the game, a lot of England fans on social media were talking straight up trash about how their team was going to annihilate the USA, and how can you blame them?

As you can see, their team is worth over $1 billion more than we are, but, quite frankly, the U.S. dominated that game. Oh, man. You could see it with England fans, too, throughout the match. They looked scared, absolutely terrified, they completely underestimated the power of the United States of America. They went from being cocky and arrogant to completely pissing their pants — all because of that swagged-out red, white and blue. (RELATED: Whatever Nation Wins The World Cup Will Get All Of The Budweiser Beers That Qatar Banned)

England’s draw is a loss. You come in completely overconfident to the point where your mindset was “how many goals are we going to get today for the win?” (a commentator actually said that), you’re a massive favorite in the betting odds, you’re worth over a billion dollars more than your opponent, soccer is your country’s game — you don’t even call it soccer — and you draw?


I love the chaos America is causing with the England fans.

This was definitely a win for good ol ‘Merica, I don’t care what that scoreboard says.